Portable Juice/Smoothie Blender Buy1 Take1

The Updated version Portable Blender. you can use it as water bottle, fruit and vegetable juicer, milkshake, smoothies and jam maker,which allows you enjoy fresh nutrient retention and wonderful leisure time when you work, sport, hike, drive, travel, wild camping, picnic

  • ★More Convenient: electric portable juicer has mini body and USB rechargeable batteries, suitable for outdoor, traveling, shopping, and any other places you want
  • ★Powerful Functions : this product can make smoothies, juice, and baby supplementary food, this product is also water bottle, so it can be used to drink water
  • ★Waterproof and Washable : our blender is anti-water and easy to clean it, you don’t worry about wash cup body inside
  • ★Safety Design: the machine has a double protection function, when the cup completely fixed in the base to work. In addition, 


How to use it :

1. Prepare the fruit, cut into the size of 1.5cm*1.5cm. 

2. According to your taste, put the fruit about 60% of the cup and add water or milk,make them lower than 80% of the bottle.

3. Press the switch button, It takes 20s to 60s for delicious juice base on the comminution of fruit. Gently shake the bottle at 10s to make it more tasty.

4.Turn off the machine and enjoy fresh healthy drink.

The benefits of juice
For kids : Health puzzle & happy growth
For ladies: Beauty body & health
For men: Relieve stress & keep fit
For elderly: gastrointestinal absorption


- Before first use, it requires to charge about 3 hours with the usb cable before use. 

- when squeezed fruit, need to add some water or milk, too much or big fruit pieces or without water may get blades stuck.

- Do not open the lid during motor running in case the fruit particles splash out to hurt someone around. 

- Before cleaning, make sure the machine is off and keep the machine base away from water, or it will not work. 


                                    And enjoy fresh healthy drink.!