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    Magnetic Therapy Knee Pad

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    Whether it's an injury or arthritis-caused knee pain, it can prevent  you or your loved ones from enjoying the things you love doing. 

    Knee pain relievers and therapy sessions can be costly and time-consuming. Especially if you're a hardworking professional, you just have so many things on your plate and dealing with knee pain on the side is terrible.

    So, here’s something you can try to steer clear of that dilemma and get in control of your life again!

    Benefits of the Magnetic Therapy Knee Pad

    • Adaptive Infrared Heat Therapy Technology
    • Self-Heating and Magnetic Brace Design
    • Stimulates knee acupressure points.
    • Radically improves blood circulation in the knee area.
    • Effectively relaxes your knees and joints!
    • Alleviates physical fatigue, inflammation, and pain.
    • Regulates the nervous system.
    • Recommended for people suffering from body chills, arthritis, bone hyperplasia, arthralgia, and/or leg muscle pain.
    • Also ideal as knee protectors for athletic or highly active people.
    • Easy to Use Soft Self-Adhesive Material
    • Safe, Comfortable and Breathable

    Makes a great gift for yourself or for the people you care about!


    1. Wear directly on the knees.
    2. After 20 minutes, you could feel the heat given that you are in room temperature.
    3. For best results, use at least twice a day for 3 hours each time.

      NOTE: Do not use product when sleeping. Do not wear over clothing, the self-heating and magnetic effects will decrease and not work as good as they should. While you may find comfort in wearing it over cold weather or cold room temperature, the magnets may not heat up as compared to normal room temperature.

      • For People with Dry Skin - You may need to wipe the magnetic side of the Knee Pad with a damp cloth before wearing it.
      • Due to the difference in ambient temperature and humidity during use, the self-heating time may vary.
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