Lazy Mop Cleaner

 Lazy Mop Magic CleanerRotate Self-Wringing Squeeze Double Sided Swab Rags Automatic Wash-Drying System.
  • Hands free self-squeeze: Keep your hands from dirt, innovative straight washing and drying system makes washing and squeezing more easily
  • High quality: Super microfiber mop pad, stainless-steel pole, PP bucket, premium foam handle
  • Powerful pads: which absorb water quickly, hook hair easily and remove dust lightly. The soft mop pads are safe enough for any floors
  • 360° rotatable mop heads: Flexible mop head, 360°swivel joint, good at joint and slot cleaning, easy to remove dust and stains from every single corner
  • Easy to empty the bucket: The off-center handle and the movable cover of the bucket make it easier to empty


Great for cleaning hardwood, laminated, tiles, marble, glass, wooden, window.

Safe and effective on any hard floor surface.