Exercise Fitness Gym & Yoga Ball

  • ThickerPVC, flexible rebound, yoga more peace of mind
  • Silk screen technology LOGO, beautiful and delicate, showing brand charm
  • The lines play a protective role, and the small details play a big role.
  • Easy to take the cone air plug, sealed without leaking
  • Complete accessories for quick deflation and inflating, compact and practical



  • This fitness ball can be used to strengthen the core and tone muscles.
  • It may assist in developing better posture and may improve coordination and balance.
  • Cheaper fitness balls may feel uncomfortable on the skin,
  • the anti-burst Fitness Ball 75cm (Blue) is made of quality,
  • extra thick anti-burst material perfect for withstanding generous use with a weigfht capacity of 250kg.
  • Whether you are using the ball for exercise or as a physiotherapy tool,
  • the material has a smooth feel to improve comfort and the surface is lightly textured for better grip and security.