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    Elastic Pull Rope

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    High quality rubber tube, high tensile strength, safe and durable. Can eliminate the redundant adipose of arms, abdomen and legs, exercise beautiful shape, easy to carry. It can be used at home or in the office to shape your body, trim the waist.


    Elegant Design – These ELASTIC PULL ROPE features a completely fit hand design, small in size. Comprises of flexible foam to protect from harm

    Very Effective and Convenient to use – You can use these ELASTIC PULL ROPE in the privacy of your home, hotel room, office, or even outdoors.


    • Ideal for toning strengthening stomach, waist and legs, arms, hips, thighs and works on the tummy at the same time.
    • Small volume and light weight, easy to carry and you can exercise whenever and wherever possible.
    • Sit-up spring exerciser and chest expander two-in-one, convenient and practical

    Offer ideal Workouts for Arms, Legs and Back, and can do seated Exercises. Improves Stretching and Flexibility. And you can have a Perfect body you dreamed on.


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