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    12 in 1 Slicer Dicer

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    Spending too much time on preparing and cutting vegetables for your delicious dishes? Cut your time spent on messy food preparation with the 12 in 1 Slicer Dicer!

    12 in 1 Slicer Dicer includes:

    1. Cutting insert with an integrated pin grid
    2. Cutting-base
    3. Transparent receptacle (capacity 1500ML)
    4. Cling-lid containers for collecting
    5. Blade insert (6mm*6mm or 12mm*12mm)
    6. Blade insert (6mm*36mm or 18mm*18mm)
    7. Knife for quarters or eighths use
    8. Stamp eights cutter
    9. Partial coverage for all blade inserts
    10. Professional peeler
    11. Planers use with blade guard
    12. Product holder with guide

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